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Domus Cæli Æstivus

House of the Summer Sky

21 August 1979
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Formerly known as Conna Stevenson. New name which will be used for everything: Theo Leigh.

I'm a writer and artist of the adventurous and fantastical, or at least I try my darndest. I'm also a native of the southeastern US. Among other things, I am Christian, asexual, dyscalculic, non-confrontational, a tad on the quiet side, fond of hats, grey-eyed, prone to daydream at the drop of a hat, INF(T)P, and cluttered.

I spend an inordinate amount of time in Minecraft, username 1000DaysofRain. If you happen to see me on a public server, or see one of my weird houses, plonk down a sign and say hi.

Video reviews/other silliness: http://thirty-odd.blogspot.com
Spiritual musings blog: http://1littleboat.blogspot.com